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I'm a bloke in his 40s, living in a small small town in Galicia, which is the Northwest corner of Spain. If you ask me what I do, I could say I'm a Tecnical Artist, which is my current "official" position, but that would probably not tell you much. To explain it in the quickest way: I can program computers and paint pretty pictures.

If you are one of those who surf the http web, and you are willing to do it, you could find some of my stuff at http://feiss.be or http://diegofg.com.

But since you are probably a gemini-only surfer, you can see some little examples here:

- Illustration for 'Capture The Flag' movie

- Matte painting for 'Pirates!' movie

- Concept art for TV commercial

- Concept art for 'Holy Night' movie

Autobiography as a reader

I guess it's completely normal that during life one changes the kind of books to read and this is not different in my case.

When I was a child I enjoyed going to the library of my school and picking random titles judging from the cover. In these early years I remember loving a series of books by Eric Wilson: "Murder on 'The Canadian'", "Vancouver nightmare", and "Terror in Winnipeg". These books introduced me to detective nobels so I quickly got hooked to Sherlock Holmes stories, which I adored and read as many as I could, along with some other classics like Edgar Allan Poe and his amazing *Dupin*.

Of course, as a child I also enjoyed great comics like Tintin, Astérix, Mortadelo y Filemón, and Marvel/DC comics like New Titans, Batman, and Spiderman, which was my favorite. I think that the first comic that I held in my hands was one Captain America...